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For parents embarking upon orthodontic treatment to advance the health and facial appearance of their children, there is much concern among the world’s scientific community over the lack of science in current clinical practice.
Extraction of teeth is controversial as it can cause flat faces and even OSA. (Obstructive Sleep Apnea)

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Does unnecessary extraction of teeth, for Orthodontic treatment, damage the face?

Twins Study – Case treated by Dr Alan Bagden:

What is the cost to your childs face?

  • Twin sisters
  • Similar malocclusions
  • Comparison of extraction vs. nonextraction



Traditional ceph and model analysis suggest extractions to achieve “correct” tooth positioning and jaw relationships. The nonextraction case was the experimental case.


One was treated with extractions. Which is which?

Photos credited to the Damon Manual by Dr Tom Barron, Maryland, USA.damonsystems
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Before my treatment at Jefferson Dental for orthopedic purposes, I was not happy with the form of my mouth. My lips seemed to be too flat and my jaw was causing severe headaches. Since my treatment, the headaches have disappeared and my lips have more character. And of course my teeth are straight and I now have a wide smile. Thank you Jefferson Dental.

Bajwa Singh

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Mouth breathing in children can contribute to symptoms of ADD/hyperactivity, as well as poor growth and development, poor academics, and adverse facial and dental growth and development.

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  • paul
    At 15 I had braces for 2 years with the extract and retract method. I now have an inverted top lip I have no side profile I have to over exaggerate to smile, I am now 58 years old and would love to […]
  • Thank You
    I feel very strongly that some dentists and orthodontists are still feeding people with ill informed advice and getting paid for it. If the mouth is overcrowded the advice still seems to be […]