An Orthodontic Nightmare

Audrey McCormick’s comprehensive report details their family’s traumatic and tragic experience as a result of Orthodontic mistreatment of their daughter, Krystal, at the hands of a series of Orthodontists and an Oral Surgeon. Nine years later her face is irreparably damaged, and it is unclear whether her current treatment will be able to improve her situation. Audrey is currently taking legal action against the Orthodontists involved – but is still in need of assistance.

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  • paul
    At 15 I had braces for 2 years with the extract and retract method. I now have an inverted top lip I have no side profile I have to over exaggerate to smile, I am now 58 years old and would love to […]
  • Thank You
    I feel very strongly that some dentists and orthodontists are still feeding people with ill informed advice and getting paid for it. If the mouth is overcrowded the advice still seems to be […]