Buteyko Meets Dr Mew: Buteyko Method For Teenagers…

Review by Breathing Remedies on Amazon.com

… Also Featuring Guidance from Orthodontist Dr Mew to Ensure Correct Facial Development and Straight Teeth.

Buteyko meets Dr Mew focuses on how the way that we breathe influences facial development and tooth alignment.

It is the latest in a series of books by Patrick McKeown, not only documenting and explaining the devastating effects that mouth breathing and chronic hyperventilation can have on our lives, but providing clear instructions to correct these bad breathing habits and overcome the associated health problems, such as asthma and anxiety.

The author generously includes a section (previously published as a stand-alone book) for children old enough to learn Buteyko breathing exercises, and a useful chapter for infants with tips to help stop them from ever getting into the mouth breathing habit.

The innovative comic book approach in the first section is designed to get through to teenagers who may not care much about their health, but are likely to be very concerned about their appearance and sports performance!

There is a well-illustrated section (quite shocking) on how facial development and tooth alignment can be adversely affected by mouth breathing, with input from Dr Mew, an orthodontist who does not believe in extractions to correct overcrowded teeth.

An important book to help spread the word about good breathing and good looks, and a reasonably priced way to better health!

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