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Informative and educational videos relating to Damaged Faces and alternative Orthodontic methods. This section will be continuously updated with the latest and most pertinent videos available, so keep checking back. If you have something appropriate to suggest for inclusion in this section please email, or suggest it in the forum.



Must-see Videos on Non-Extraction Orthodontics


Dispatches feat. Dr John Mew

Dr John Mew - "the scourge of the Orthodontic Establishment" - speaks about an alternative approach to Orthodontics (Non-extraction theory) and his famous twins case.
60 Minutes Interview with Dr Derek Mahony

60 minutes (Australia) special report on the 'mavericks' of the Orthodontic profession now promising "straight teeth and good looks" - often without braces versus the Established view that some facial damage is necessary in order to straighten the teeth.

Reversing Previous Orthodontics

"I had no idea how bad it was..."

One woman's experience of traditional orthodontics, including extractions and headgear, and the subsequent migraines and fatigue that developed as a result.
"No extractions for my daughter"

The father of this girl had teeth pulled and braces as a teen, and has had dental problems ever since.

Pulling teeth: Severe Breathing Problems

This woman talks about her breathing problems progressing to the point where climbing a set of stairs winded her. She believes her condition was caused by failed orthodontic treatment.

3D Segmented pharyngeal airway

Straight teeth are nice, but long healthy lives are
better. The use of low dose 3D imaging, to treatment plan every case around your airway. This
example shows how we segment the pharyngeal air space as part of our orthodontic diagnosis and treatment planning using Invivodental software form Anatomage corporation.

Reopening Extraction Spaces Orthodontically

This patient came to Dr. Hang unhappy with how her face looked. She had orthodontic treatment as a youngster that included the removal or permanent teeth and braces that pulled her remaining teeth back in her face. This video uses special morph technology to show how Dr. Hang re-opened her extraction spaces and helped restore her smile.


Interview with Dr Derek Mahony

Dan Hanson from Dental Braces interviews Dr Mahony on his Philosophy and Methods

Dr Mahony is a champion of non-extraction theory and the full-face philosophy. These videos were found on his youtube channel, which feature many other interesting and informative videos, and can be found by following this link.


How to Start a Movement

Motivational speaker Derek Sivers gives a step-by-step outline of how to create a following.

“The first follower transforms a lone nut into a leader”!


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