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What is Dental Orthopaedics


Dental Orthopedics is a rapidly evolving field of dentistry that is poorly understood by the dental profession.

TMJ Solutions


Dr. Dwight Jennings limited his practice to TMJ and dental medicine over twenty-five years ago. He has one of the few practices in the Bay Area that is limited exclusively to orofacial pain and TMJ treatment.

Facial Beauty


Dr Yosh Jefferson is a highly awarded dentist practicing orthodontics, who treats his cases according to the divine proportion.

Buteyko Kids


Featuring fun and informative videos for kids about the importance of proper breathing for facial development.

Non Extraction Videos


This a Brazilian website listing a variety of non-extraction videos from around the web.

Face Focused


Dr William Hang's website - has a lot of great info about non-extraction and alternative treatments.



Helping parents to make the right decisions about orthodontic treatment for their kids.

Dental Braces - FJO Practitioners List


A list of doctors who practice 'Functional Jaw Orthopaedics' in Australia & New Zealand

When to begin treatment & What to look for


A handy guide for parents considering orthodontics for their children, or wondering whether they should be.

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  • paul
    At 15 I had braces for 2 years with the extract and retract method. I now have an inverted top lip I have no side profile I have to over exaggerate to smile, I am now 58 years old and would love to […]
  • Thank You
    I feel very strongly that some dentists and orthodontists are still feeding people with ill informed advice and getting paid for it. If the mouth is overcrowded the advice still seems to be […]